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One does not simply play Kingdom Hearts I and II without crying for a third one. to all the fans out there, our prayers have been answered :3

Planetside2 Class Guide:

- The Light Assault

This class in particular can be the weakest of them all if played in the wrong way. The light assault has no special ability like the other classes have such as cloak (Sniper), AoE heal (Medic), Nano Shield (Heavy Assault) etc. The light assault can and will die for sure if he goes head-on with any other class (well maybe not the sniper) due to his low health stats and low shield stats. What makes a Light assault the nemesis of all players in the game is his jump-jet aka JET PACK!!! due to the jet pack this class can out maneuver any and all other classes even enemy light assaults. Another item that players can get further in-game are 2 sticks of C-4 that will do enormous amounts of damage ( a single well placed C-4 can take down an entire squad/vehicle/Max suit). but to truly make a light assault be feared you need this one item that not everybody can afford, “CREATIVITY”/”INTELLIGENCE” you have to think out of the box when you play this class, you must use your jet pack to get to spots the  enemy wouldn’t even think of looking at, always outplay your enemy’s, don’t be a free kill to that op Heavy assault that always kills you on head on fights, catch him from above where 90% of the players never look at, look for those slopes and ledges from where you can clip stand and take away their shield and when they spot you it is already too late and puf you nailed them. Catch tanks off guard from behind and always go after the ones that are not moving, always search for a way to flank enemy squads who are holding up a barricade and always aim for their medics and engies because you can take out a whole squad before dying and yes it is cool but if there is a medic that survived your kamikaze jump your death will mean nothing because he will resurrect them all up again, in my opinion it is better to take out that single medic even if you die, by doing so you will cut the enemy from a crucial class that they need to be able to hold the barricade. Light assaults at first seem weak and believe me they are but do as i said and you will see results.

Hope this was helpful.

See you on the battlefield soldier :D

Just a Small Trailer From an Excellent Free2Play MMORPG Tera RIsing.

If you like this Genre come play this game it is worth your while.

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